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Helpful Tips for TBI Caregivers

When you become a caregiver to someone with TBI (traumatic brain injury), your life changes along with theirs. Long days and nights of supervision and support can take their toll on you, both physically and mentally. Surrounding yourself with a support network of friends, family and trained health care professionals can ease your burden and benefit your loved one.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions of your health care providers. Writing them in advance will ensure you don’t forget anything.

  • Be patient. Even though some injuries from a traumatic event may have healed, brain injuries can take much longer.

  • Take advantage of the support resources in your local community. Get counseling or take part in a caregiver support group (check with your local hospital).

  • Stick to a regular schedule or routine when possible and don’t forget to take breaks for yourself.

  • Arrange for experienced, professional caregivers to share the responsibilities.

  • Stay organized and keep up with any appointments and medical forms/bills as they come in.

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