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Qualify for Services

Who is eligible for home health care services?

Anyone who feels they or their loved one would benefit from medical or non-medical home care can hire a caregiver.

Belvedere Home Care is well suited for the elderly, for people who are disabled or chronically ill or even on a short-term basis for someone recovering from an illness or surgery.

People who want to live independently and stay in their own homes are excellent candidates for home health care. Belvedere serves people who are living independently or with assistance but have medical and/or social needs they can’t manage on their own.

However, your insurance company may have specific guidelines for what qualifies a person for home health care payment and reimbursement. Contact your company for coverage details before hiring a home health caregiver.

Call us at (518) 694-9400, Option 4, to speak with one of our caring and professional representatives. Our staff will visit your home to conduct a free, no obligation assessment to see if you or your loved one could benefit from in-home caregiver services.

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    You feel like you’re part of their family. And you are family. You’re with family. And you’re family with everybody you come in contact with in this organization.

    — Gerry

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    I like to be free. And do my own things, and my own thoughts, so with that realization I just reached out and tried to do something to help me. All the things I need, Belvedere will do for me. It makes me very happy.

    — Marva

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    My reward is just knowing that I helped someone take that other step to become independent. That’s the best reward. That’s my only reward.

    — Arkita Frost