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Sometimes all someone needs to feel a better is a friendly face and some warm conversation. Our Companions enjoy spending time with our clients, engaging in hobbies, watching the game or just visiting.

They are also able to provide light housework services, shopping and other tasks that may be difficult for senior clients or those with limited mobility,

Companions are available for:

  • Social interaction:
    • Spending quality time with your loved one
    • Chatting
    • Listening
    • Playing board/card games
    • Transportation to doctor appointments and other outings
  • Daily household tasks including:
    • Keep planning/preparing meals
    • Light housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Changing bed linens
    • Shopping
    • Running errands
    • Medication reminders
    • Assistance with pet care
  • You feel like you’re part of their family. And you are family. You’re with family. And you’re family with everybody you come in contact with in this organization.

    — Gerry

  • I like to be free. And do my own things, and my own thoughts, so with that realization I just reached out and tried to do something to help me. All the things I need, Belvedere will do for me. It makes me very happy.

    — Marva

  • My reward is just knowing that I helped someone take that other step to become independent. That’s the best reward. That’s my only reward.

    — Arkita Frost