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Direct Care
Staff Commitment

Belvedere's Direct Care Staff Commitment Award

The Staff Commitment Award is given to a Belvedere direct care employee who has demonstrated commitment to Belvedere's mission of caring for and about people... no matter what. The selected employee will receive a $1,000 net payment per month for 12 months.

To be eligible for the award, the direct care employee must:

  • Have worked at Belvedere as a direct care staff for at least five years.
  • Be an employee in good standing as an "active employee".
  • Have worked an average of 120 hours per month for the 12 months preceding the drawing date.

Selection of Eligible Employee:

  • Each year of service is counted as one entry (five years of service is five entries; ten years of service is ten entries, etc.).
  • Eligible employees are entered into a 3rd party software. The winner is selected at random.
  • If the selected winner opts out, the drawing is held again with the same individuals, and a new random winner is selected using the same criteria and receives the award for a new 12 month period.

Conditions of Awards:

  • The winner will have the choice of opting out at any time.
  • If the winner does not work the minimum requirement of 30 hours per month they are no longer eligible to receive the payment. If this occurs for two months (whether consecutive or not), the winner will forfeit the remaining balance of the award and a new award and candidate pool will be established.
  • Payments will be "grossed up" to the net $1,000 per month to the employee (complying with all wage requirements).
  • If the employee leaves or is terminated during the term of the award a new winner (and a new annual date) will be set.
  • Employees who win are excluded from future drawings.
  • The winning employee agrees to have their name and photo used in promotions.