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TBI Waiver Services 

Belvedere Health Services has proudly served individuals who have survived brain injuries for the past 20 years. We offer a variety of supports to assist a person in their recovery from their particular challenges. These include:

  • Service Coordination: someone to help you navigate the numerous systems, maintain eligibility, find supports, advocate for your goals and long term objectives and other ongoing assistance.
  • Home and Community Support Staff: one on one staffing in your home and/or community that is designed to provide oversight and supervision along with PCA level of care. 
  • Structured Day Program: a place to gather and work on goals with the support of Belvedere’s trained staff. 
  • Independent Living Skills and Training: assessment for independence while living in the community along with possible training for supports. 
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: professional assessment for individuals who may be facing challenges with living in the community. The service will include assessment, development of specialized plans to provide support and training for those who are providing care to the individual. 
  • Community Integration Counseling: counseling support for individuals who may find it a challenge to adjust to life back in the community following a brain injury. 

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