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Our Innovative Approach

Specialized brain injury programs customized to best serve each client and their family

Since 2001, Belvedere Brain Injury & Waiver Services has taken an innovative approach to everything we do, making sure our services work best for the people we serve and their families. And our reputation precedes us.

Belvedere Health Services’ program was formed and is led by one of the architects who conceptualized the New York State waiver services program, today’s gold standard of TBI care.

Waiver services, which are offered to eligible New York State residents, encompass an array of options including round-the-clock home care and access to therapeutic services, transportation to medical appointments, and ancillary services such as one-time household moving services and adaptive home modifications to meet individual needs. 

We go far beyond what’s considered essential and offer an array of supportive services that can dramatically improve overall health and quality of life, including our own highly successful TBI addiction services that takes a supportive approach to overcoming substance abuse issues for men and women impaired by TBI, as well as exciting recreational programs which encourage socialization through group activities including adaptive skiing, sailing and camping.

We’re on the leading edge, always adapting to evaluate and incorporate new approaches to helping brain injury patients lead fuller lives.