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What is a Medicaid Waiver Program?

The Medicaid Waivers are programs developed by the New York State Department of Health in which an agreement was made between New York State and the Federal government to use Medicaid dollars to pay for services that would normally not be paid for under the typical Medicaid State Plan. For additional information, please visit the NYS Traumatic Brain Injury site or the NYS Nursing Home Transition and Diversion site.

Through the waivers program, we support individuals in their “recovery” from any of the challenges they might face. Why the term recovery? Life is a journey, not a destination. By using the term recovery, we hope to pass along a recognition that life is forever changed for the people we serve. It is our goal as a provider to support them in navigating this new normal. We do this by assisting the individual in working on their personally meaningful goals, engaging in meaningful activity and meaningful engagement with the supports that will make living life in their community possible.

For specific information on the services we provide under either waiver, please contact us.

TBI Waiver Services

NHTD Waiver Services