Belvedere Home Care Q & A with Belvedere Health Services President John McCooey

BHC homecoming tips main.jpgBelvedere Health Services President John McCooey talks about Belvedere Home Care services, philosophy and what makes our home health care unique.

What makes Belvedere Home Care different from other home health care agencies?

Receiving home care is intensely personal, and can be very emotional, for both recipient and caregiver. I have tried to build a team by looking at each members’ character. I looked for attitude, for people who are intuitively drawn to understanding what will put vulnerable people at their ease and how to respect their dignity. Everyone teaches their staff about the technical side of home care, but there is no way to teach sensitivity.

My senior loved one could use some extra help in their assisted living setting. Can Belvedere Home Care provide services?

Yes! Our services are available in a person’s home or a nursing home, an assisted living facility, an independent living community, a rehabilitation hospital or an acute care hospital. We work with your whole medical team as part of the continuum of care, wherever it is needed.

How do you match Belvedere caregivers with clients?

The relationship between a caregiver and client is complex and multidimensional. A person’s preferences and concerns must be understood and honored. That in itself is not simple and, at times, needs a skilled and sensitive person to tease out what is important. Additionally, the needs and constraints of their family and friends are a crucial part of care delivery. We build a match between caregiver and client based on their emotional connection. We have staff with specialized training who can manage a recipient’s individual medical and service needs Our RNs and other supervisory staff support our caregivers, helping them to solve problems with innovative solutions.

Can I change my care schedule if I have an appointment?

We understand that your needs may change; that is why we are flexible. Our philosophy is to make the schedule work for you, not for us. We can easily accommodate changes to your regular schedule. We will do everything possible to ensure that the schedule you request is the schedule you receive.

Am I obligated to to sign a contract to keep services for a specified time?

No. Our clients do sign a services agreement at the time of the home care assessment; however, this agreement mostly focuses on our policies and procedures, including the payment agreement. You can have services from as little as two hours to as much as 24 hours per day.

What if my needs change over time?

Whether you are recovering from surgery or illness and able to be more independent, or you find that you need a little more help as time goes on, we understand that your needs and level of care may change. Belvedere offers many levels of service, from companion through nursing level services. We can offer any combination of medical care, personal care, transportation services and even light housework and meal preparation. Whether your hours, days, or level of care needs change, we are here to assist you.