Nursing homes are not the only option when your loved one needs nursing and personal care. Home care is the safer nursing home alternative.
Belvedere Home Care staff are on the front lines of the pandemic response -- at patient homes -- every day. For some, it's a whole-family affair.
Oct. 10, 2019 - People with life-limiting illnesses want each moment to matter. Belvedere Home Care wants people with life-limiting illnesses to remain comfortable and independent as long as they choose. We provide assistance with light housekeeping and help with personal care, such as bathing, dressing and getting to medical appointments.
Sept. 18, 2019 - Everyone who is able should get a seasonal flu (influenza) vaccine every year. This includes seniors. Over 60 percent of seasonal flu-related hospitalizations occur in people 65 years and older.
August 12, 2019 - Getting out of the house is important for a senior's physical and mental health, but sometimes seniors face many challenges when it comes to "running errands." Here are some tips for making outings easier.
August 3, 2019 - Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes raised, red patches and can have an impact on overall health. Helping seniors manage psoriasis symptoms improves their quality of life.
July 16, 2019 - Following surgery, whether minor or major, people often face a challenging list of orders and limitations. Belvedere Home Care’s post-surgical caregivers serve all people in recovery, whether it is from heart surgery, joint replacement, cancer treatment or other medical issues.
June 17, 2019 - Home health care offers seniors regular professional medical care, and even daily or overnight care, in the comfort of their own home. And family caregivers get peace of mind.
June 7, 2019 - Seniors with cognitive impairments, whether the result of dementia, stroke or brain injury, not only require specialized care, each case is unique. The need for 24-hour care and monitoring can be taxing on family caregivers.
May 28, 2019 - While arthritis may seem like an inevitable part of aging, treatment has come a long way in helping those with arthritis live more productive and pain-free lives. There are things you can do every day to fight the symptoms and effects of arthritis.
April 22, 2019 - How do you help a senior loved one who insists that they don’t need help? It's a challenge many families have to face. Here are tips for getting started with home health care when a senior who insists they don't need help.
April 8, 2019 - Traveling with a senior who has mobility issues, cognitive disorders or medical needs can be challenging, but a little planning, preparation and patience go a long way toward a successful vacation for everyone.
April 2, 2019 - Although you may have to do some cajoling to get them back out of their shell, seniors benefit from staying active and having a sense of community. So how can you help a senior loved one break out of an isolated rut?
March 19, 2019 - By age 70, chronic pain affects 79% of women and 53% of men. Seniors often wrongly assume that being in pain is just a normal part of aging that they have to tolerate, but in many cases it can be managed for dramatic improvements in everyday life.
Jan. 11, 2019 - An estimated 30 million Americans are affected by COPD, putting them at higher risk for heart disease, lung cancer and a variety of other conditions. Home health care can help patients better manage their COPD.
Dec. 14, 2018 - Less sugar, less salt and less fat mean fewer familiar options at the traditional holiday table. But there are ways to enjoy without overindulging or getting off track. If you are a caregiver for someone on a restricted diet, here are some basic tips for healthier holiday eating!
Dec. 9, 2018 - During the holidays everyone sees their to-do lists grow and their schedules fill. It’s an ideal time to take advantage of respite care so caregivers can attend holiday events, shop or spend time with other family members.
Nov. 29, 2018 - From falls on slick, icy sidewalks, driving on dangerous roads and the risks of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning there are many winter safety hazards for seniors. Plus, seniors are at greater risk for hypothermia, and constant cold can make them more vulnerable to illness.
Oct. 28, 2018 - Chronic disease is the most common reason for preventable hospital readmissions. Senior loved ones may be trying to manage their health, but lack expertise to recognize potential issues, resulting in disease progression, relapse, infections and unnecessary hospitalizations. Home health care has been shown to reduce rehospitalization rates.
Sept. 28, 2018 - Hip fractures change the lives of thousands of seniors every year. Most hip fractures require surgery and physical rehabilitation. It can be a long and challenging road to recovery.
Sept. 24, 2018 - Is your senior loved one restless? Wandering at night? Napping all day? Chances are they are experiencing the sleep disturbance insomnia. While insomnia affects about 50% of senior adults 60 and older, there are ways to alleviate its symptoms.
August 30, 2018 - The day-to-day management of diabetes, from cooking healthy meals to following testing and medication schedules, can prove difficult for seniors who may also be coping with other health conditions and mobility issues.
August 24, 2018 - If your loved one has difficulty reading, or has moved their furniture closer and closer to their TV, they may be having vision issues. Here are some simple and inexpensive steps that can make home life safer for seniors with vision issues.
August 17, 2018 - With advances in technology, from smartphones to wearables to whole-home systems, it’s easier than ever for caregivers to keep tabs on elderly loved ones, even from across the country. Technology offers not just safety and security; it can help seniors from feeling isolated.
August 10, 2018 - For seniors with health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes, following a prescribed diet is essential if they want to stay healthier longer. Restrictions such as low salt or sugar can be more difficult for seniors because as we age, we lose some sense of taste. So how can we keep seniors happy AND healthy at mealtimes?
July 27, 2018 - Sundowning is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Those caring for loved ones in the mid-stage to advanced stages may find that restlessness, agitation, irritability, or confusion get worse in the late afternoon and evening. Here are some tips for managing sundowning behaviors.
July 4, 2018 - For a senior loved one, independence can mean a lot of different things. It may be tied to their ability to drive or to take care of their bills. It may just mean getting to stay in their own home, living their own life, rather than going into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Whatever your senior considers to be their independence, it’s important to have respect and care for that aspect of their life.
June 28, 2018 - When the summer heat is on, it’s easy to become dehydrated, and this is especially true for seniors. Seniors are at higher risk for complications and hospitalizations related to dehydration. It's important to keep an eye on your senior's diet to make sure they are getting adequate fluids to maintain good health.
June 14, 2018 - With families being more far-flung and mobile than ever before, it's not unexpected that some caregivers have to participate and offer support from afar. It can be a challenging role to manage.
June 8, 2018 - Hot weather brings health risks for seniors, even if they are spending most of their time indoors. Each year, most people who die from heat-related causes are over 50 years old. But there are some simple and inexpensive ways to help keep your loved one cool, comfortable and healthy this summer.
May 4, 2018 - Once you decide that home care is the right decision for you, it's time to prepare your loved one and their home for the new caregiver and the new routine. Here are some tips that can make the transition to home care easier for you, your loved one and your caregiver.
April 26, 2018 - How can you tell when a senior loved one is no longer a safe driver? While age alone can’t predict driving ability and safety, getting older can mean slower reflexes, vision issues and health conditions that may impair driving ability. Here are some questions to help you assess their driving skills and safety.
April 13, 2018 - Vaccines are especially important for adults ages 65 and over. As you age, your immune system weakens and less able to fight off illness and infections. Seniors are more vulnerable to flu, pneumonia, and shingles and other illnesses that can come with long-term, or even fatal, complications.
April 3, 2018 - Your healthcare team can help you decide what level of medical care your loved one needs but deciding that a senior needs help with household tasks can be trickier. But more than just unsightly, a dirty or cluttered house is a health hazard for seniors.
March 23, 2018 - Spring cleaning is a great way to sweep out the winter doldrums and welcome the fresh, new season with a clean and organized home. For caregivers whose loved ones have health and mobility issues, it’s also a good opportunity to assess their health and safety.
March 11, 2018 - Personal care aides (PCAs) are home care professionals who assist people with their day-to-day living activities. At Belvedere Home Care, our PCAs serve the elderly, the chronically ill, people with life-limiting conditions and people with physical or mental disabilities.
Feb. 28, 2018 - Belvedere Home Care can offer any combination of medical care, personal care, transportation services and assistance with household tasks. Whether your hours, days or level of care needs change, we are here to assist you.
February 26, 2018 - For seniors who are homebound, loneliness is more than being sad or having a bad day; it can seriously impact their health.
February 14, 2018 - Watching a loved one cope with cardiovascular disease is enough to break your heart. The Belvedere Home Care staff has specialized training and the experience to care for clients living with cardiovascular conditions and help them stay home longer with the benefit of professional care.
February 8, 2018 - ​​​​​​​For seniors living at home, pets can be an important part of their daily lives. More than just companionship, pets can help reduce stress, increase activity, lower blood pressure and increase social interaction.
January 14, 2018 - At the beginning of each year, we reflect upon everything that has changed in the last 12 months and plan ahead for what the New Year will bring. It’s also a time many of us make the resolution to be more organized or to stop procrastinating. One task that many families put off far too long is estate planning. If you are taking steps now to get your finances and taxes and budgets settled for the new year, stay in that paperwork-and-planning mind frame and make sure that your…
December 8, 2017 - Sometimes going home for the holidays is bittersweet, especially for adult children traveling long distances to see their parents. A senior’s health and appearance can change dramatically in just a few months. If you haven’t been able to visit older parents since summer, for example, it might surprise you to see how much they have aged.
November 30, 2017 - Caregivers and patients need the support of everyone around them for a safe and healthy holiday season. If you’re a caregiver, make sure everyone is aware of dietary restrictions and any dangers deviations may pose. If everyone thinks they are the only one offering a diabetic just a little piece of dessert or a sip of wine, for example, it won’t take long for trouble to set in. Make sure your family and friends are helping you support your loved one’s good health.
November 17, 2017 - Deciding a loved one needs help at home can be an emotional decision – for the loved one and the family. But home health care doesn’t mean the family doesn’t care enough, or that the loved one is incapable. It means you want the best care, and time to focus on what’s important rather than struggling through daily tasks. Home health care allows many types of patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes while receiving professional caregiver treatment and monitoring.
November 14, 2017 - For John McCooey, home health care is personal. The Belvedere Home Care president experienced firsthand what it was like to have a loved one unable to stay in their home because the right care was not available. “Belvedere’s mission is to keep people safe in the community,” he said. “We’re a community-based provider, and we’ve been that since day one.”
February 27, 2017 - As the temperatures drop we stockpile firewood, check the weather stripping and pull the snow shovels out of the garage rafters. Don’t forget to get your senior loved ones and their homes ready for winter weather, too! Winter is full of hazards for seniors, from increased falls to hazardous driving to dangerous wind chills. A few easy steps can help you all be prepared and ready for the long season ahead.