Housekeeping help for seniors

Your healthcare team can help you decide what level of medical care your loved one needs but deciding that a senior needs help with household tasks can be trickier.

Housekeeping can be difficult for seniors because of mobility issues caused by health conditions such as arthritis, or because it is too tiring for seniors with COPD, cardiovascular disease and other conditions that can cause extreme fatigue.

More than just unsightly, a dirty or cluttered house is a health hazard for seniors. Items left on the floor become fall hazards. Expired food can cause illness. Unwashed surfaces harbor bacteria. Infrequently changed bed linens are home to germs and parasites.

But often these simple tasks that were once part of a daily routine become overwhelming, and seniors need help keeping their homes clean and safe.
Some signs that your loved one needs household assistance include:BHC blog 0418.jpg

•    Extreme clutter
•    Dirty laundry piling up
•    Little or no healthy food in the house
•    Spoiled or expired food that doesn't get thrown away
•    Dirty dishes in living areas
•    Unpleasant smell in the home
•    Trash left on tabletops, counters, floor
•    Items left on the floor causing a fall hazard
•    Stacks of unopened mail and bills
•    Furniture or carpet stains caused by incontinence

Light housekeeping services, performed by a professional caregiver, can manage day-to-day household needs. Not only is the home a healthier environment, but the senior feels less stress knowing that chores are being done even if they can’t do them.
Having someone assist with household tasks not only reduces the risks of fatigue and injury, but it also provides a clean, safe environment beneficial to overall health and recovery.

A Personal Care Assistant or Home Health Aide can help your senior loved one by doing their light housekeeping, which can include but is not limited to:

•    Assist with laundry and ironing
•    Change bed linens
•    Clean & disinfect bathrooms and kitchens
•    Dust
•    Empty trash cans
•    Clean the refrigerator and pantry
•    Meal preparation
•    Pet care assistance
•    Sweep and mop floors
•    Vacuum carpet and rugs
•    Water plants

Belvedere Home Care has provided expert, compassionate care in the community for over 15 years. Our expert caregivers come from our local communities and treat our clients like family. We provide care on a schedule that works for you, from daily visits to round-the-clock care.
Whether your senior loved one needs temporary assistance following surgery or while recovering from a fall or they need ongoing help because of chronic or life-limiting illness, Belvedere has caregivers who can assist with homemaking tasks.

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