What does a Personal Care Assistant do?

March 11, 2018 - Personal care aides (PCAs) are home care professionals who assist people with their day-to-day living activities. At Belvedere Home Care, our PCAs serve the elderly, the chronically ill, people with life-limiting conditions and people with physical or mental disabilities. The help of a PCA allows our clients to stay healthier, enjoy their time and lead more normal lives.

PCAs can be responsible for light housework, preparing meals, cooking, attending to laundry and running errands, including driving to appointments and activities. When needed, PCAs are also able to assist with bathing, showering, grooming and other personal hygiene tasks. And they offer companionship, interaction and diversion to those who are housebound whether they are visiting, playing games, reading together or watching a game.

Assistance from a PCA reduces the risks of fatigue and injury and provides a clean, safe healthier living environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 3 million people worked as PCAs in 2016. As baby-boomers age, the growing elderly population will only increase the demand for all types of home care. That number is to grow to 4.2 million by 2026, much faster than the average growth occupations across the board.

At Belvedere Home Care, each of our PCAs is carefully screened, including a full background check, before they become a part of our care team. Our caregivers are passionate about helping people and improving the lives of the people they care for. We pride ourselves in matching the needs of your loved one with the experience of our caregivers.

“The relationship between a caregiver and client is complex and multidimensional,” said Belvedere Home Care President John McCooey. “ A person’s preferences and concerns must be understood and honored. That in itself is not simple and at times needs a skilled and sensitive person to tease out what is really important.”

“We look for a match between caregiver and client built on their emotional connection.”

To learn more about how you or your loved one could benefit from the assistance of a Belvedere Home Care PCA, contact us at (518) 694-9400 Option 4 or info@belvedereservices.com, or through Contact Us on this website.

If you are a PCA interested in working with a dedicated team in a respectful environment, visit our Careers page!