Home health care offers job stability during the COVID-19 pandemic

The economic impact of COVID-19 is wide-spread and may lead to job loss and insecurity for some time to come. Many workers in the service and retail industries have lost their jobs and those who’ve been able to work still worry about job security. If you’re looking for work in a growing field that is recession-proof, consider a rewarding home health care career.

Healthcare jobs continue to grow, but home health care jobs are exploding

The pandemic highlighted the vital role of healthcare workers, but even before COVID-19, healthcare job growth outpaced the average for all occupations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare jobs, in general, will increase by 14 percent over the next decade. Over this same period, home health aide (HHA) and personal care aide (PCA) positions are poised to grow by 36 percent.

There are several reasons for the home health care job boom. These positions pay well, have flexible hours, and offer the opportunity to be a source of comfort and caring for people in need. More seniors and their families want to “age in place” – where individuals live at home instead of moving to costly nursing homes. HHAs and PCAs help make aging a place a reality by assisting in daily living activities and more. As the country’s baby boomer population ages over the next few decades, more individuals will require care, and more will likely choose an alternative to nursing homes.

These jobs are great alternatives to retail and restaurant jobs, which can pay less and might present a higher risk for illness since they require interaction with larger groups of individuals. Caring for an individual at home is less risky than working in a hospital or other care facility. HHAs and PCAs work one-on-one with a client, so they can deliver the human touch that makes a difference in the lives of clients while limiting the risk of getting ill.

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