Therapy assistance at home

BHC Therapy main 0120.jpgSeniors may be told to keep up with physical therapy, occupational therapy or other rehabilitative therapies at home, but for some seniors, it is difficult to stay motivated or to perform therapeutic activities correctly without assistance.

Anyone who is going through physical therapy, occupational therapy or other rehabilitative therapies can use a supportive team.

After an injury or surgery, such as recovering from a hip fracture, therapy can be critical to helping a senior maintain their independence.

Belvedere Home Care caregivers offer assistance in completing and tracking required exercises and other aspects of a client’s prescribed therapy routines. We encourage clients to reach their full potential every day and to celebrate their successes.

Physical and rehabilitative therapies improve senior mobility, help to prevent falls, decrease pain and lower reliance on prescriptions.
Individualized exercises can strengthen key muscles, improve balance, improve flexibility and increase a senior’s confidence and overall wellbeing.
Physical therapy can also improve cognitive function in seniors.

Occupational therapy addresses a senior’s ability to perform the activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, eating or using the bathroom. Those having issues with dexterity may be encouraged to engage in crafts or jigsaw puzzles. Seniors who are experiencing memory or cognitive issues may be encouraged to do more mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles.

In addition to assisting in the home, Belvedere caregivers can also provide transportation for therapy appointments and keep physicians and therapists informed about the client’s progress.

If your senior loved one has difficulty keeping up with a therapy routine, contact us today to learn more about our flexible care plans and services.  Call or email: (518) 694-9400 Option 4 or