What to expect – and look for – when you visit senior loved ones over the holidays

A lot can change in a year – or even in a few months.

Families traveling to see senior loved ones over the holidays may be surprised to see the differences in seniors from one visit to the next.

Is it concerning, or just it typical aging?

A senior’s health and appearance can change dramatically in just a few months. Some changes – maybe they have a few extra pounds, are a little less spry, or have some minor forgetfulness, for example – are to be expected. That’s just aging.

When should you be concerned about a senior loved one?BHC holiday visit main.jpg

Prepare your children for a visit with a senior loved one

Before you arrive, ask some tough questions so you know what to expect. If you have younger children visiting with you, having advance knowledge will help you prepare them for things that might seem scary, such as an oxygen tank and tubes or a walker.

Talk about your concerns for aging relatives

If you have concerns, talk about what you have noticed with family and caregivers. Get different perspectives from the people who see your senior loved ones more often – even every day. If they have seen the changes happen gradually, there may not be cause for concern. If the changes in personality or abilities has been sudden, it can be a red flag.

At Belvedere, we work with families and a patient’s healthcare team to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the patient’s condition, issues and changes. We know it can be extremely difficult for those who live long distances from their senior loved ones to see how they have aged during the holidays and worry about them year round.

If you have concerns about your senior loved ones’ health and safety in their home, call Belvedere for a consultation. We can do an objective assessment of their well being and living conditions and help create a flexible care plan that works for everyone in your family.

Learn more about who is a good candidate for home health care: www.belvedere-homecare.com.